If you receive the following error message when trying to access our Fax Portal at portal.digitalfax.io, please ensure you are using Google Chrome and then follow the steps below to remedy the error and log in.

1. Click the lock symbol to the left of the address bar. 

2. You should see the following information:

  • If the Flash option appears on your screen as above, change "Ask (default)" to "Allow" and reload the page.
  • If the Flash option does NOT appear on your screen as above, proceed to step 3.

3.  Click "Site settings" and locate the Flash option from the list.

4. Change "Ask (default)" to "Allow" and close the Settings tab.

5. Reload portal.digitalfax.io.

As always, if you have trouble with your fax portal, feel free to call us at 336-346-6000 or dial 611 from your DigitalPhone desk phone.  We can also be reached at help.digitalphone.io or by emailing help@digitalphone.io