What do I do if I hear an "echo" or "tinny" sound on my DECT wireless headset?

When an "echo" or "tinny" sound is being heard by the user or the listener there are three adjustments to the Sennheiser

headset system that can be tried to see if they resolve the issue.

1) Try turning the microphone volume of the headset down.

    This is done by adjusting the small white dial on the base station.

    This reduces how much sound is detected by the microphone.

2) Try putting the headset system into "narrow band" rather than "wide band" mode.

    This is done by putting the #5 dipswitch into the "narrow band" position.

    This reduces the amount of information that travels down the phone line and limits extra noise being created.

3) Try the different A/B/C switch positions on the base station.

    Ultimately only one position is correct depending on the phone make

    and model and if the incorrect setting is being used either no sound or distorted sound would occur.

NOTE: If none of the above solutions resolve the issue it may be a situation where the settings on the

            listener's phone are causing the issue and hence out of the control of the Sennheiser headset system.

The headset worked best in base position A