Default Audio File for RIng Tones

Note: Audio files (once converted per instructions below) can not exceed 100k.

Easiest way to convert a file for use as audio file in Yealink phone.

1) Use your audio editing program of your choice to edit the file.
2) Save it as MONO .wav file
3) Use SOX command line version for Windows (or in Linux).

You want to convert the .wav file to a .wav file with U-Law encoding. There is a typo on the Yealink web interface (probably also in the manual) - it says to use 16 bit file... u-law will not encode at 16bit, it will at 14bit and that will work.

command line to convert the file:


 sox InputFileName.wav -e u-law -r 8000 OutputFileName.wav

If it gives you a WARN flag related to clipping, it's because the input file volume is too high.

To lower it, you can use the -v (volume) parameter in front of the input file. The -v parameter operates in multiple of volume, so you need a fractional number to decrease volume. Here's an example:


sox -v 0.95 InputFileName.wav -e u-law -r 8000 OutputFileName.wav