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Fax system won't open

Trying to log in to start a fax and get THIS:


And I am unable to find any tech support phone number to ask for help.

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Hi Marcy,

I am sorry to hear you are having fax issues. We had an issue on the server side earlier today that was resolved. We also had some customers using ATA's that had issues that were just recently resolved.

I submitted a help ticket (43826) for you through Helpdesk that you should have been emailed. My apologies, but this forum is not regularly monitored.

For any future questions or to report an issue, here are the best options:

Call 611 from your Carolina Digital Phone or (336) 346-6000 from any phone to reach our support team.
Email a support ticket to

Thank you,

Neil Matson



Marketing & Client Support

(336) 560-4406 - Direct Dial

(336) 346-6000 - Customer Service

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