August 14, 2020

We are aware you may be experiencing intermittent inbound call failures to some telephone numbers. A major interexchange carrier (IXC) recently elected to suddenly stop sending traffic to us over the parties’ direct connection and instead use their own least-cost route (LCR), which ultimately is causing calls to fail or have an extremely high post-dial delay (PDD) due to looping. 

We understand this IXC, erroneously offered a market-leading rate to our numbers. That action resulted in the IXC receiving a large volume of traffic destined to our codes. When the IXC suddenly elected to reject inbound traffic over the direct connection, and instead use their own LCR, they created call looping and routing failures.  

We are engaged with the offending IXC at the highest executive levels to resolve the situation through any and all means with the expectation they fully resolve their routing issues immediately. They initially provided indications the issues they created will largely be resolved within the next 24–48 hours.  

We realize it may now take the IXC several days to fully fix their routing errors due to the size, scale, and numerous networks they have, requiring multiple updates in various systems to address the routing issue. 

It has also come to our attention that some of our competitors are using this as an opportunity to falsely state that we are having issues with capacity impacting our ability to terminate calls to Carolina Digital Phone provided telephone numbers. We assure you, we do not have any capacity constraints with any of the IXCs, and we will continue to work with the problem IXC to ensure they properly route calls.

We are also aware that in connection with trouble tickets opened with CenturyLink, CenturyLink is repeating information they claim to have received from an underlying provider. This information falsely implies Carolina Digital Phone related capacity issues are causing calls to our inbound codes to fail to complete. For the reasons noted above, this is not correct.  

We want to be very clear — we have plenty of capacity to our codes with all our partners and IXCs, such as AT&T and Verizon. Not one call is being blocked due to capacity issues between us and any of these IXCs. The commercial routing issue described above, affecting a set of carriers, is causing looping and failures. 

If you are having call completion issues, we urge you to contact us at