Caller ID Name Updates and Display

Inbound Caller ID Name also referred to as LID (Line Information Database) or CNAM (Caller Name) is a feature we offer all Carolina Digital phone customers. When a call is delivered to your cloud-based telephone device we lookup the Caller's Telephone number with a National Database and display the stored name to your telephone device. 

In 1991 Caller ID was introduced. Controversial at the time, Caller ID has become America's most popular add-on feature.  We use the largest independent provider of CNAM services, Neustar, so we can deliver the most accurate and consistent display available. In the case where a name is not available you will see the City and State the call originated from. Many Cell Phone carriers do not store Caller ID Name.

Outbound Caller ID Information for callers to see who is calling is another service we offer every Carolina DIgital Phone customer. When you place a call we have previously stored the name of your business in a National Database so that the person you are calling sees exactly who is calling. If you place a call and find the information is not correct please contact us by opening a support ticket and we will quickly update the Caller ID Name Information. Most all telephone companies will likewise lookup your telephone number and display your name. Caller ID Name display is not available for calls placed to a cellular telephone.

Caller ID Name information is limited to 15 characters and spaces.

Both these services may not be available for other hosted VoIP telephone companies and Caller ID Name may not be displayed on International calls.